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Beautiful panoramas, impressive heritage, progressive industry, interesting museums, ... in Brustem Village

Brustem Village

Brustem is a quiet district 3 km from the center of Sint-Truiden.

You can watch a beautiful video about Brustem on Around the castle of Brustem . Thanks to Willytou (r)

Within a radius of 1km are located:

  • two restaurants: L'Angelo Rosso (Italian) and Noen
  • a supermarket: Carrefour Market
  • several bakeries
  • a fish shop
  • a greengrocer's: Marley's
  • multiple frying shops: Frituur et Durp, Frituur Hilde, Brak Frituur, Frituur Qu4ttro
  • some brasseries / cafes: Drie gezusters, Winston, Qu4ttro, Eat point
  • an ice cream parlor: Maestro Ice
  • a bicycle shop: Fietsen Loix
  • a Bancontact: KBC
  • an electrical dealer: Electro Neven
  • gasstations: Kuypers, Dats24, Bruno's, Esso Express
  • a Aveve
  • a hair stylist
  • ...

Chapel of St. Eucherius

The Chapel of St. Eucherius was built in tuff in the 12th century, dedicated to Eucherius of Orléans. It is a place of pilgrimage in honor of Saint Bertilia, one of the Holy Three Sisters.

Brustem donjon

The Castle of Brustem was built in the 12th century to protect the city of Brustem from the city of Sint-Truiden.

Brustem then belonged to the County of Loon, while Sint-Truiden was part of the Prince-Bishopric of Metz and the Holy Roman Empire.

The ruin was neglected for a long time, but now appears to be the only remaining keep to be appreciated. There are therefore plans to beautify the site.